Over a third of Brits plan to try vegan by switching to a plant-based diet for 2022

Why do people give up?

The taste of foods was found to be the biggest barrier to sticking with the change, while 56% would miss their favourite dishes too much.

Fish and chips, a full English breakfast, macaroni cheese, and pizza topped the table of the dishes Brits would miss most.

The cost of plant-based products was also found to be a reason for quitting, as 42% of responders found it too expensive to carry on

As many as a third admit to giving in to temptation too easily with reasons being lack of willpower (72%), getting bored too quickly (47%) and the fear of missing out (43%).

Deborah Blaser from Nurishh says: “These survey results reveal a growing trend in our society.

“The premise behind our range is to cater for the one in three that want to go plant-based but don’t want to compromise on taste.

“Plant-based category sales have doubled in the last five years, yet products that stack up in taste and support flexitarian-curious Brits planning to make the switch are in small numbers.

“We hope Nurishh will make it easier for people who want to really try and stick at their new year’s resolution.”

Almost half of the people surveyed admitted that they were likely to pretend to still be eating plant-based even after giving in to temptation.

Meanwhile, a fifth of respondents had lied in the past about sticking to something even though they secretly gave it up already.

Trends in plant-based eating

A separate study by Nestlé Professional has shown that even among those who don’t plan to go fully plant-based, Brits are likely to eat more meat- and dairy-free foods in the coming months.

Their research found that 22% of UK consumers plan to eat more plant-based meat, and 19% plan to eat more plant-based dairy in early 2022.

And it’s not all about the meat and dairy alternatives. 39% of those surveyed plan to eat more vegetables, while 24% want to increase their consumption of legumes.

Many consumers were shown to be conscious about choosing sustainable foods.

78% equated sustainable food choices with their own personal health and wellbeing. Meanwhile, 71% say they would choose sustainable options where available.

When eating out 58% would opt for plant-based or vegetarian options ‘sometimes’, ‘often’ or ‘always’.

30% would eat plant-based more often if dishes with improved flavour/texture were available in restaurants.

25% would like extra encouragement to try plant-based food like free samples or tasting events.

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