Pizza Express expands vegan menu with ‘iconic’ Quorn pizza

Pizza Express has rolled out its new menu featuring the new ‘iconic’ vegan Quorn Pizza.

The latest vegan pizza is topped with Quorn pieces, green pepper, red onion, tomato, smoky chilli, garlic oil, vegan mozzarella, and parsley. We are in pizza heaven!

In addition, Pizza Express has launched Hot Jalapeño Dough Balls that are sure to pack a fiery punch. These dough balls are coated in spices, hot jalapeño salsa, and served with even more spicy salsa for dipping.

Moreover, the menu was rolled out on June 21st with much anticipation from vegan Pizza Express fans.


Pizza Express vegan menu

Pizza Express already hosts an extensive vegan menu featuring timeless veganised classics.

Menu highlights include the Vegan Giardiniera topped with artichoke, mushrooms, red onion, and black olives, with tomato, vegan mozzarella, garlic oil, and parsley.

Perhaps you want to turn up the heat with the Calzone Verdure. This fiery menu item features soft pizza dough folded and stuffed with peppers, aubergine, smoky tomato harissa, hot chilli, and garlic and is topped with rosemary.

The collaboration with Quorn for the latest Sloppy Vegan pizza was developed over two years to ensure it delivered the pizza brand’s quintessential taste.

The indulgent addition allows diners to try something new and makes plant-based dining and gluten-free dining more accessible.

Vegan pizza

Recently, vegan pizza has seen major investment with big-name brands who all want a slice of the plant-based trend.

From commercial products to restaurant dining, it is no longer a mission to get your hands on a delicious vegan pizza.

Just this month, award-winning vegan pizza chain Purezza has welcomed guests to its fourth site in Manchester. The critically acclaimed pizza restaurant has changed the face of pizza, it even featured in stages of the national pizza award, beating 14 dairy-cheese pizzas to the top spot!

Additionally, Dr. Oetker launched its highly anticipated Ristorante Vegan Margherita Pomodori pizza. The frozen pizza has been hailed for its authentic Italian taste and convenience.

It is great to see so much time and interest being invested in developing the best vegan pizza.

As more people transition to a plant-based diet, there is greater research into developing top-quality authentic tasting vegan cheese, making transitioning to a vegan diet more achievable.

Craving vegan pizza? Get inspired to make your own with our ultimate vegan pizza guide.


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