Please help me understand an interesting study comparing whey and vegan protein powders… : veganfitness

Here is the study:

As I understood (and I may be confused, please correct me if I’m wrong), what the study proves is that even if vegan protein sources are processed to make them extremely bio-available (comparably with whey protein) as they usually are when they go into supplements, AND the vegan supplement is created expertly from a variety of sources to match the EAA levels of whey protein, whey protein STILL is more readily absorbed into the blood, and thus better for muscle growth.

Why would this be? I would’ve thought that if the vegan protein was processed well enough and made bioavailable, and the EAA contents were matched…it would mean they would have the same effects

And like I said…I can’t interpret interpret numbers. Is it significant? Is whey protein the winner for supplementation?

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