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The link above is what I look like. I am 6’0, 173lbs, 20 years old. I want to go on a cut and get to single-digit BF percentage then bulk up from there. I know that I am going to look skinny, but that is the way I want to look. I want that diced look(Think high school swimmer) I decided that the following macros and workout plan would be the best approach to achieve my goal in 12 weeks.

2,000 kcals – 259g carbs/ 45g fat/ 140g protein 500 Kcal deficit according to TDEE calculator


Bench press 3 sets

Dips 4 sets

Pushdowns 4 sets superset with Lateral Raise 4 sets AMRAP

Leg press 4 sets

Quad extensions 5 sets

Pull- Tuesday

weighted chinups 3 sets

Weighted rows 4 sets

BW rows 2 sets AMRAP

Reverse Flies 5 sets

Hammer curls 4 sets

Romanian deadlifts 3 sets

Weighted Lunges 4 sets

Wednesday- Rest


(same as monday but main exercise is seated shoulder press for 3 sets)


(same as tuesday but BW chinups instead of weighted.)

Progressive overload is what I try to accomplish each new workout. I will start keeping a journal of my reps and weights and try to do a little bit more every workout to ensure my body is getting new stimulus.

BW Ab workout tuesday and friday

I’m gonna keep myself accountable and post a picture every friday.

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