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Some background on me:

I’m a 5’9.5″, 145-ish female. I exercise just about every weekday. Two of those days are resistance/weight training for 30 mins with a PT at the gym, and I also usually do martial arts every weekday, which includes staying after class and doing a bag workout. I eat a WFPB diet. I track my health with a Fitbit, and according to it, my cardio fitness score is (was, until this week) in the good-very good range for others my age.

That said, I was recently invited to do a 5k in mid June, and the rest of my family decided to do it as well. Today I went for a quick run (more of a jog, really) around my neighborhood, and discovered I’m going to have a really hard time running 3.5 miles if I don’t put some serious work in. I made it to the end of my neighborhood without stopping, but some of it is downhill and it’s just short of half a mile, and I had to catch my breath at the end. The way back to my house is mostly uphill, and I had to stop twice.

I honestly thought I’d be in a bit better shape. I used to jog in my neighborhood about every day several months ago before I started exercising as much as I do now, and I’m not any better than I was then. Of course, I haven’t been running, but I’ve been exercising a decent amount every week for the past few months.

Does anyone have any advice? Also, how much does stress affect your exercise? Recent events have led to some anxiety and stress, and though I’ve kept up my good habits (eating right, journaling, meditating, reading, exercising, sleeping, keeping up with hobbies, still doing what now gives me extreme anxiety), I’ve watched it wreak havoc on my health. I’ve watched my average heart BPM shoot from 48-58 and it keeps increasing, one point at a time. It’s higher than normal even when I’m just sitting, sometimes staying in the 80s-100s. My cardio fitness score has dropped to “fair-good”. Small things such as going up the stairs steal my breath. I’m tired despite getting decent sleep. I didn’t struggle with anxiety before, but driving now causes it, and it’s something I continue to do every day. As such, I’m often drained before I even do anything. I can only imagine this is affecting my health and exercise.

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