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Hi all,

I’ve been working on my body for over a year now and I’m starting to level out. I’m going to try and start progressive overloading and more calisthenics challenges!

Here’s my questions:

  1. Can I progressive overload only certain muscle groups? Aka lower body and not upper body or will that create a huge strain/imbalance? To clarify I will still be training my upper body but I just don’t want to get to yolked in that area lol.

  2. How long should I go at a certain weight until I add more? Is it every time I do that overload or should I do it for a week and than add more weight the next week??

  3. How much weight should I add at a given time? I’ve read 2.5lbs, 5lbs, or that you should only add more weight if you can do 3×5 sets? Which of these seems more correct?

  4. How many grams of protein should I eat a day during overloading? Should I eat less on days I don’t overload and eat more on days I do?

Thanks in advance!

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