Ready Burger to launch world’s first 99p vegan burger for Veganuary

UK affordable vegan burger chain, Ready Burger, is set to launch the world’s first 99p plant-based burger for Veganuary

To celebrate Veganuary, UK vegan burger chain Ready Burger is set to launch its 99p plant-based burger.

Ready Burger launch earlier in the year in London and set out to rival McDonald’s and Burger King by offering plant-based alternatives to their iconic burgers.

The 99p Ready Burger features a plant-based patty topped with diced white onion, pickles, American mustard and Heinz tomato ketchup, all on a freshly toasted soft bun.

Affordable burgers at Ready Burger

In addition to its classic value burger, Ready Burger offers a range of plant-based alternatives including a vegan Big Mac for just £3.59.

The affordable menu also features a ‘Bacon’ Double Cheeseburger, Texas Stacker, and Crispy Fillets.

Prices range from £1.99 to £6.19 for a meal, ensuring everyone has access to plant-based fast-food alternatives.

During its launch, Ready Burger CEO and Co-founder Max Miller told Vegan Food & Living: “We’re on a mission to revolutionise the fast-food industry and people’s perception of plant-based food.”

Additionally, COO and Co-founder Adam Clark explained: “There are lots of options out there but very often there’s a compromise on taste, texture, or price. … We refuse to compromise on any of those things and we believe we’ve mastered the science behind the taste and texture of plant-based ingredients.”


Since its relaunch in 2015, Veganuary has supported millions of people around their world taking the plant-based pledge.

Co-founded by Matthew Glover and Jane Land, the campaign sets out to give daily guidance to new vegans, offering delicious plant-based recipes, tips, and information.

Veganuary 2021 inspired up to 1.5 million Brits to go vegan, in turn, saving over 2 million animals.

With Veganuary 2022 set to be the biggest campaign to date, more restaurants and food brands are preparing to launch innovative plant-based food to celebrate.

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