Richmond set to expand its vegan range with meat-free bacon rashers

Irish sausage brand Richmond is set to launch meat-free bacon rashers in UK supermarkets.

The latest plant-based bacon is promised to be “The tastiest, crispiest, meat-free bacon you’ll try”. With 8 rashers in a pack, the whole family can enjoy a bacon sarnie, guilt-free!

Richmonds ‘bacon’ is high in protein, and contains fewer calories, and lesser fats and salt compared to regular bacon. This means everyone can enjoy a healthier alternative to pork-based bacon without compromising on flavour.

Moreover, the latest launch is the 5th meat-free release from the brand since 2019. The vegan pork alternative range includes burgers, mince, meatballs, and of course Richmond’s meat-free sausages, which have become a UK vegan’s fridge staple.

Vegan Bacon Uprising

In the last few years, vegans and vegetarians have been spoilt for choice with plant-based bacon. Brands such as THIS, Finnebrogue’s Naked Oink, and Oumph! have become essential for new and old vegans. Whether you enjoy it in Carbonara, in a British Fry-up, or even simply between two layers of bread, there’s something for everyone.

In August 2020, Waitrose saw searches for ‘vegan bacon’ increase by a whopping 759% on its website. The supermarket later released its own plant-based bacon to meet demand.

Even celebrities are taking part in the vegan bacon campaign, just last month it was reported Robert Downy Jr. invested in a US plant-based start-up creating vegan bacon from mycelium. The actor was one of several investing in the start-up, which secured $40 million.

For many meat-eaters, pork-based bacon is something that they’d consider a challenge to give up when switching to a plant-based diet, so it’s encouraging to see so many people opt for a vegan alternative that is healthier and more sustainable.

Richmond Meat-free bacon rashers will be available nationwide from 28th May, with an RSP of £2.50

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