Rob Zombie says veganism is about ‘fighting the establishment’

Metal musician Rob Zombie has spoken to GQ magazine about why he’s been vegan for almost a decade, and how veganism is ‘fighting the establishment’.

The rockstar has criticised the ‘evil’ meat and dairy industries for brainwashing society. He uses the example of dairy giant Dannon being a sponsor of the pink ribbon walks and compares it to ‘Marlboro sponsoring the lung society’.

This is because dairy has been found to be a cause of breast cancer – making the collaboration highly ironic. It is similar to the industry promoting dairy for ‘strong bones’ yet countries with the lowest rates of osteoporosis are those which consume the least amount of dairy.

As Rob puts it, “Most people are, like, “I don’t wanna think about it!” I know you don’t wanna think about it. It’s horrible. But I can’t live my life not wanting to think about something. You gotta stop and think about things. Because you’re alive.”

Rocker turned goat dad

Rob also told GQ about his rescue goats at his farm. A few years ago, Rob rescued three goats who needed a home and since then he’s been working with PETA to save more.

“Sometimes they’re just like giant dogs that are a little more dangerous ’cause they have horns. You wanna pick them up and hug them, but you don’t wanna get impaled either.

“At this point, we only have six. We like to get one or two at a time so they can acclimate. It’s like when you get a new cat and the other cats are, like, “Well, what’s this cat all about?” You wanna have the harmony amongst them.

“Usually, they’re coming from someplace awful. They’re skittish or nervous or afraid.”

Mock meats and green juices

While green juices might be typically associated with young white female vegans, Rob is making them manly. He admits that he loves juicing, and has particular green drinks he likes to make.

And the rocker hasn’t given in to the ‘meat is manly’ narrative that is so commonly played, avoiding mock meats and opting for ‘healthy changes’ instead. “When you get good vegetables that are prepared right, they’re super delicious”, he added.

However, he doesn’t condemn mock meats, crediting them as ‘transitional’ as they aid the process of upheaving your diet to a more sustainable one. As Rob says, “ease into it, friend!”

Rob’s passion for veganism is something we greatly admire, and we love that he is promoting veganism to a different audience than the traditional stereotype.

On that note, do you think we are doing enough to promote diversity in mainstream veganism?

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