Safe to eat seitan 7 days a week? : veganfitness

Getting back into working out after a long break due to the pandemic. Have transitioned into a vegan diet and am wondering if it is safe to use seitan as my main protein source.

I usually eat 67G of seitan per day (I plan to increase to 100G per day eventually), which contains 50G of protein. I make it myself from wheat gluten powder and vegetable broth, steamed until it becomes a solid mass, then added to pasta, stir fry, curry, etc, or just eaten straight with some sauce.

I supplement this with protein shakes (soy protein isolate) and other staples like nuts, beans, etc.

Is it safe to be consuming so much seitan? Truthfully it is my only option because it is so cheap. I buy it in bulk and it comes out to about 19 cents per meal, an order of magnitude cheaper than buying tofu/tempeh/fake meat from the store. I am mainly worried about missing out on certain amino acids. I don’t know if the combination of seitan and soy protein shakes covers all my bases or if I need to supplement.


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