Simple, quick and tasty 285kcal with 22g protein : veganfitness

One of my staples from my pre-vegan days was fresh pasta with basil pesto – it was just so quick and easy to make, yet very tasty and satisfying. This is the closest thing I’ve found to replicating it, with the added bonus that its lower in calories and higher in protein.

I use :

50g Explore cuisine edamame & mung bean fettuccine

25g Sacla vegan basil pesto

3g Olive oil (just because the pesto is a little thick for my taste)

That gives 8g carbs, 16g fat, 22g protein and 285kcal. Its been a real winner for me, especially on days when I’m trying to keep calories low and get my protein in, but still feel like I’ve had an enjoyable meal.

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