Starting my master’s and moving to Toronto from India in February 2022. Need guidance with preparing my own meals. More details below!! PLZZZZ HELPPPP!!! : veganfitness

Hello vegan family! I have been a vegetarian my whole life except for a couple of years in college when I started eating non-veg food because of peer pressure and curiousity. More so, lack of knowledge that it’s actually unhealthy. However, i stopped soon afterwards. Anyway..

I have started my master’s and classes began remotely this week. When i will move to Toronto, i will have to stay alone and manage everything from laundry to succeeding in my studies. However, i dont want to compromise on my diet and i wanna be a complete vegan and follow a plant based diet. Moreover, i am an avid fitness enthusiast. So i also have to manage my calories.

I’ve decided to make my own meals because purchasing from outside is expensive, but i dont want to compromise on my studies. So i have a few questions.

Coming to my questions-

  1. What are some cheap vegan products that i can buy? (I will work part time to earn money)

  2. What are the easiest recipes for healthy, protein rich meals that i can prepare? (Twist- I WANT TO PREPARE THE MEALS IN THE MINIMUM POSSIBLE TIME– THIS IS PRIORITY)

  3. What are the best meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? (Keping in mind my scenario at present)

All the help will be highly appreciated. I’ve been a fan of almost every person who posts here. I have asked many people to guide me and they have shared individual sources of protein rich plant based foods. Such as- lentils, soy, green vegetables, asparagus, etc.

☮️ om shanti!!

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