Struggling to eat out

Hello dear vegans! Hopefully, everything is okay with you. I wonder for how long you’ve been keeping a vegan diet. I recently became a vegan, and I noticed that there are not many options to eat out if you are a vegan. I wonder how do you survive when you go for a lunch break or dine out with non-vegan friends and family?

I had become vegan approximately 4 months ago. Before that, I was vegetarian, but dairy products made me feel bloated all the time. So, I decided to replace cow’s milk with some substitutes, such as almond milk or soya milk. Luckily, we have plenty of options to choose from. Even when you order coffee at Starbucks, they always have vegan options.

Meanwhile, I noticed that it’s hard for me to find a suitable place to dine out with friends. They became annoyed that we cannot make a reservation in a restaurant or spend hours browsing for something for me. Besides, my colleagues stopped inviting me for lunch because I waste 1 hour of a lunch break deciding where to go and change the place when I don’t find a vegan menu there. I don’t want to change my eating habits and break my own rules. Still, I don’t want to lose friends because of my diet.

How many of you have faced the same problem? Or do you chill out only with vegans that support your views? I personally don’t mind socializing with non-vegans since it’s my own choice. I don’t force anyone to stop eating meat and dairy products. I don’t care if someone sits with me in a restaurant and eats meat in front of me. I won’t call this person a murderer or tell something offensive. Still, people started to avoid me because of my choice.

Recently, one of my friends, who keeps the veto diet, send me this — I looked through this website, but I couldn’t figure out how does it work. Has anyone tried this site? How does it work? I know it seems simple, but I can’t figure out how to order food from there or show it to the waiter or cashier.

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