The Body Shop rolls-out refill stations to 400 stores around the world

The UK’s top cruelty-free beauty brand, The Body Shop, has announced plans to introduce refill stations for 12 of its beauty products.

The latest plans come as part of the brand’s ambition to make it easier for its customers to opt-out of single-use plastic packaging.

The stations will be launched from April 2021 across 400 stores, and will roll out to a further 400 stores globally in 2022.

Body Shop first introduced refill stations in 1976, when brand creator Anita Roddick could not afford to purchase new ones.

Join the refill revolution

To be a part of The Body Shop’s refill revolution all you have to is to pick up a 300ml aluminium bottle for £2 and choose from 12 of the brand’s most beloved ethical products such as shower gels, shampoos, conditioners, and hand washes.

Shower gel and hand wash refills will cost £5, and shampoo and conditioner priced at £6 per refill.

By making the simple switch to refill, The Body Shop has estimated its customers can save an average of £76 a year.

Additionally, with each customer switching to refills they could save up to 32 plastic bottles from going to waste each year, helping to prevent up to 2200g of CO2 from entering the atmosphere. Sign us up!

“Why buy more of something than you can use?”

Since 1976, The Body Shop has strived to create a fairer, more beautiful world. The original ethical beauty brand has been campaigning for over 40 years in a bid to empower people and the planet.

Dame Anita Roddick, the creator of The Body Shop, sought to challenge the beauty industry’s status quo by fighting for animal rights, the environment and driving long-term social change.

Roddick initiated the refill scheme back in the 70’s, questioning: “Why waste a container when you can refill it? And why buy more of something than you can use?

“We behaved as my mother did in the Second World War, we reused everything, we refilled everything, and we recycled all we could.”

These ideas went on to become the foundations of The Body Shop, shaping it into the brand it is today.

The Body Shop to go vegan by 2023

The announcement of The Body Shops refill revolution comes just weeks after the beauty brand announced its plans to go fully vegan by 2023.

The owners of the ethical brand, Natura & Co, announced it will be removing ingredients such as honey and lanolin from its product range.

Additionally, the brand’s products will be certified by The Vegan Society to ensure their products are ethical and cruelty-free.

Want to better your skin and the planet? Here is our guide to vegan skincare.

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