The farting once again continues. High protein vegan here need help! : veganfitness


I know this is a highly discussed topic, but I am still searching for help.

I turned vegan 4 months ago and am also on a diet on which I eat about 160-180gr protein each day. And I fart like a monster…

I wouldn’t mind that too much, I can oftentimes also hold it back. But I will be going to drama school from September on and be with completely new people doing lots of sports and movement… And I don’t want to be the farter :(. Please help, I feel like I fart fifty times a day. Since I track my nutrition I can also see to identify on which foods I fart a lot and on which I don’t, this will be my first thing to do the coming weeks.

Also I am moving into a shared flat with two girls and I don’t want them to always avoid or smell me of course. I am a male and the girls I am involved with and on dates I can usually hold back or go to the bathroom, but well it needs to get out sooner or later.

I really enjoy being vegan and I will not turn back. I also take a multi-vitamin + Ashwaganda, but I don’t think that has to do something with my farting. How long can this take to change?

I admit, I ate fish & meat almost daily before I turned vegan from one day to the next.

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