The game changers on Netflix is an amazing documentary on how having a plant based diet is beneficial to being an Athlete. : veganfitness

My issue with it (and with a lot of pro-vegan docs) is the over-selling of the benefits of veganism.

We don’t need to claim beets will boost your bench press by %20 by cherry-picking poorly conducted studies to prove our points, but it sounds more convincing.

I like that it factually dispelled a lot of myths about a plant based diet, which is still why it’s one of my most recommended documentaries, but I hate that it just absolutely exaggerates the benefits.

But this is a problem in tons of vegan documentaries, and it drives me nuts. There’s no reason to do it, and it hurts the arguments that are truthful. If people can find one claim that’s preposterous or demonstrably false in your argument, you lose credibility and they’ll begin to doubt everything else you say, even if it’s completely true.

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