The Vegan Christian: Why Christianity Should Embrace Veganism

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The Vegan Christian is an earnest and heartfelt plea for Christians everywhere to become vegan. Motivated by compassion, Edwin Page presents a well considered case for this change whilst also presenting some engaging and surprising points. He also makes it clear that veganism is more than just a diet, it’s a way of life.

Raised on a small farm near Cambridge and brought up in the Christian faith, the author is ideally positioned to create such a book. This background allows him to write from a position of experience and knowledge, and has provided him with interesting insights into the subject.

A short but persuasive book, The Vegan Christian is a timely volume that invites us all to reassess the way we treat ourselves, other life and the planet as a whole.

Edwin Page is the author of numerous other books and is best known for his historical fiction relating to slavery.

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