Today is my first veganniversary . 96kg>75kg 5’10, 21. The second photo is my leg progress after a couple years of being unable to walk unassisted. I’ll detail my training and diet in the comments :) : veganfitness

From age 16-19 I worked out quite a lot, but I was then diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and developed a neurological disorder affecting my leg, so my health element downhill, I stopped training and became overweight. Up until I turned vegan, I was on 8 separate medications and bimonthly infusions, but I now take no medication and I am healthier than ever.

Here is a picture without a pump for reference of what I look like when I wake up.
My routine is PPL twice a week, and running twice a week for cardio.

Push: Incline DB press, Military press, Single arm chest press, Cable side lateral raises, Rear delt flies, Tricep extensions, BW dips.

Pull: Face pulls, Bw pull ups, Lat pulldowns, Shrugs, Upright rows, Cable rows, Straight bar cable curls superset with reverse grip, Dumbbell curls.

Legs: 5×5 squat, Hip thrusts, Bulgarian split squats, Leg extensions, Leg curls, Calf raises.

My diet is pretty simple, I just eat 2000 calories and aim for 150g of protein eating mainly whole foods.

Breakfast is normally blueberry protein pancakes using oat flour, a protein smoothie or baked oats. On days I run, I’ll wake up earlier and have a pre run meal of pb+j on a piece of toast or something.

Lunch is normally a large Buddha bowl, using chickpeas and tofu for protein,

In the afternoon I’ll have either some toast with peanut butter and a protein shake or a protein smoothie.

Dinner is normally another Buddha bowl, or steam fried veggies with tofu.

I generally don’t consume any oil and rarely consume any faux meat or anything.

I supplement protein powder, creatine and pre workout, I take a multivitamin gummy called ‘vegums’ which contains B12, Iodine, D3 and I think a couple other vitamins, but I only take it for them 3. For drinks I normally only drink green tea and water, but I do occasionally drink zero calorie fizzy drinks (I know I need to stop).

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