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If it helps.

Male, 38, around 75kg, 5’7 tall, I used to train when I ate meat, milk, and fish.

Long story short I had a life changing accident about 4 years ago. From then on I discovered veganism and stopped consuming animals and I stopped going to the gym. I lost 15kg of my body weight in hospital and I never got it back.

Fast forward about 3 weeks ago and I finally joined a local gym which is perfect for me and I started training again and need to put weight on, people have told me I’ve lost weight and look skinny. So I intend to fix that because I agree with them. I want to look lean like I used to.

Another important thing is that I take stimulant medication that interacts with other stimulants. This medication will be taken for the rest of my life. Which brings me nicely to my next point.. I’m looking for non stim pre workout. Or other non stim supplements that I can take that give me the same benefits of stim pre workouts.

And another is because it’s plant based in unsure if how much to eat because I have no idea. I think, so correct me if I’m wrong but I’ll need to consume double what meat eaters eat? So any advice is greatly appreciated.. I’m looking for basic healthy meals that don’t take more than half an hour to make and batch cooking is definitely an option as I’ve just bought myself a freezer for food storage.

I could Google this of course but it’s too much options, too many opinions and abit overwhelming. There’s so much information out there it’s difficult for me to even know where to begain.

So…… simple and easy to make while giving me all the nutrition needed. I also drink vegan protein.. I’m doing about 3 scoops a day atm from what the instructions say. And also loading up on creatine too.

So I’m thankful for any help. Cheers.

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