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I have been vegan since 4/19/21 (I used to be a temporary pescatarian for weight loss by doing a calorie deficit using myfitnesspal and a TDEE calculator which I started doing in January 2021). I was continuing to lose weight (I got down to 168 and my goal was 164, a healthy BMI) until I eventually just gave up on my running routine that I was 7 weeks into (I was doing Hal Higdon’s half-marathon program ) and started eating Oreo cookies, french fries and Ben and Jerry’s non-frozen dessert from my college target and dining halls. I gained a lot of the weight I lost (not to any fault of veganism, I think I just got burned out with school and running and because Oreos taste good and “it’s for the animals sake”. I’ll mention that this isnt my first time calorie tracking and that I have given up before and gained the weight back.

My post here is to get tips/motivation for losing weight. I primarily want to lose weight, be better at physical activities and look more physically atractive for my lover. I am a male, almost 19 years old, 5’8″ and 193 lbs. I’m just not sure what I should I do and I want to try again.

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