UGG launches vegan carbon-neutral and sustainable shoe range

UGG’s new sustainable and carbon-neutral vegan shoe range ‘The Plant Power Collection’ has certainly turned some heads this week.

The funky new line maintains the classic UGG look of fur-covered footwear, without the unnecessary cruelty of animal products or carbon footprint.

Instead, The Plant Power Collection features TENCEL Lyocell – a material made from sustainably sourced wood pulp – which creates a plant-based version of the iconic UGG fur.

Moreover, UGG has found a sustainable way to produce rubber soles, by sourcing rubber from Hevea rubber trees and using sugarcane which effectively absorbs CO2.

The collection encompasses three styles – two varieties of plush fur-covered sandals, and one canvas-style boot. All three styles come in multiple colourways, so you don’t have to compromise on fashion for a sustainable shoe.

Committed to combating climate change

Speaking in a press release, UGG President Andrea O’Donnell said:

“At UGG, we are committed to doing our part to combat climate change.”

“Our design team took inspiration from our iconic styles and created new silhouettes made from carbon-neutral, plant-based materials.”

Moreover, the brand is also working on creating more sustainable packaging for all its products – vegan or not – and using FSC certified paper.

FSC certification is the gold standard for sustainable paper products, ensuring they are responsibly sourced in eco-positive ways. Therefore, following these guidelines will make UGG an industry leader in sustainability.

The Plant Power Collection is available to order now on the UGG website. Treat yourself to a sustainable vegan shoe, you deserve it!

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