UK’s first ever naturally flavoured nutritional yeast has launched

Calling all UK vegans! There is a new nooch on the block! Notorious Nooch Co. has launched the UK’s first naturally flavoured nutritional yeast.

Notorious Nooch Co. is on a mission to reimagine how to we substitute meat and dairy in our plant-based diet.

Although the brand’s products are naturally flavoured, they promise to pack a flavoursome punch to each meal.

The brand has launched two tongue tantalising vegan flavours to choose from, Smokey Bacon and Cheesy Immature.


Bacon and cheese-flavoured nutritional yeast

Nutritional yeast is a form of deactivated yeast, also known as ‘nooch’.

Nooch is a highly nutritional product that adds protein and vitamins to each meal and has become a staple in vegan’s cupboards.

Moreover, Notorious Noochis hoping to shake up the nutritional yeast industry with its ‘big on flavour, small on ingredients’ ethos.

The Cheesy Immature and Smoky Bacon nooches have been created by toasting yeast flakes to bring out their natural intensity, with both flavours containing fewer than five (all natural)

Not only are these flavours innovative, but they are incredibly versatile! NNC’s nooches can be sprinkled on practically anything.

Why not add some smoky flavour to your pasta or pizza dishes? Or perhaps pack a cheesy punch by sprinkling NNC’s Cheesy Immature nooch on top of your fries. The possibilities are endless!

“Notorious Nooch Co. is natural flavour sensation for anyone making the switch”

In a statement to Vegan Food & Living, Steven Wildish, Co-Founder of Notorious Nooch Co. and author of How To Vegan said: On my own journey to becoming vegan, I loved trying out new tricks to recreate the food I loved as a kid.

“For years a big part of adding a cheesy flavour to vegan meals has been to use nutritional yeast… but it never quite satisfied the craving.”

Furthermore, with more people switching to a plant-based diet, NNC wants to provide a helping hand to those wanting to cut out meat and dairy by providing the flavours they miss.

According to the company, “Notorious Nooch Co. is natural flavour sensation for anyone making the switch.”

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