Uuuuuuh Seitan and TVP have more protein than chicken and beef respectively???? : veganfitness

Okay, so I’m not vegan, but I’m strongly considering turning one once I get back to uni, for political/ethical reasons, or at least cutting down my meat intake significantly. I’m also trying to build muscle, so I’m researching vegan sources of protein. 2 stand out in particular: Seitan and TVP.

From what google tells me, Seitan is made from vital wheat gluten, and so is made up of about 75g protein per 100g!!! TVP is made from soy, and contains about 50g protein per 100g!

These are insanely huge quantities of protein – even Chicken breast (the holy grail/meme of bodybuilding) ‘only’ has 54g protein per 100g, and beef mince ‘only’ has 20g of protein per 100g.

Am I missing something here? Although I don’t doubt the effectiveness of plant protein, this seems too good to be true.

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