Vegan crème egg now available all year round – here’s where to get one

Vegan chocolate fans, you can now get your vegan crème egg fix all year round!

Mummy Meagz’s iconic Chuckie Egg is now available all year round in UK supermarket Asda – just in time for World Chocolate Day on the 7th of July.

Made from creamy rice milk and rich cocoa, crème egg addicts will be able to bite into the crisp chocolate shell to enjoy the smooth fondant filling, complete with white and golden yolk.

Moreover, Chuckie Egg will be available all year round for anyone in need of a crème egg fix – no more stocking up at Easter!

Chuckie Egg – the original vegan crème egg

Chuckie Egg launched in January 2020 as a vegan alternative to Cadbury’s iconic crème egg.

The GMO and palm oil free vegan treat became an instant hit to vegans and those who want to cut down their dairy intake.

Chuckie Egg producer and cult chocolatier Mummy Meagz hope the launch at Asda will mean people will have greater choice when it comes to sweet treats.

Furthermore, the brand’s aim is to provide vegan swaps for the nation’s favourite chocolate treats.

Mummy Meagz vegan chocolate craze

Mummy Meagz was founded in 2003 by vegan pensioner Meagan Boyle and her daughter Willow Boyle.

The pair owned a cafe in East Yorkshire and were renowned for their vegan creations. After demand for their products grew, Mummy Meagz was born.

The brand became a vegan household name, providing vegan chocolate bars and obviously its iconic vegan crème egg.

In a statement to Vegan Food and Living, Meagan shared: “Our crème eggs started a vegan craze, and previously one has been sold every thirty seconds, leaving shelves bare.

“Whether you are vegan, reducing your dairy intake, or simply want to choose a product that’s kinder to the environment and animals, our Chuckie Eggs are a welcome treat.”

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