Vegan Dogs: Can Your Dog Be Vegan?

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Have you ever wondered if your dog can be Vegan? If so, fret no longer the answer is Yes, dogs can be. Just like human beings could be vegan, so can man’s best friend, a dog. There are a lot of dog food options on the market when it comes to healthy alternatives for vegan dogs. But, before taking into consideration the best vegan dog food, the first thing that you can do for your pet dog is give him food that flourishes his body and mind. As food plays a far more complex role in a dog’s daily life than merely serving as nutrition, you should take note that dogs cannot survive without protein in their diets.

Although dogs’ meat-based foods are a source of protein, the fact is that they don’t need meat. They can get it from rice, beans, lentils, quinoa, etc. So, the assumption that dogs are carnivores, meaning they must eat meat to survive, remains to be proven. The truth about dogs being natural carnivores is well-supported by the fact that they have the same physiological and nutritional needs as found in other carnivorous predators. Dog’s canine digestive system can digest and derive nutrients from vegetables and even fruits. Their body can transform certain amino acids, the building blocks or protein, into others, and that means dogs can get all the amino acids they need while avoiding meat. For example, yeast is a high-quality protein source full of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients – contains all essential amino acids for your dog to keep him or her in perfect condition.

Is Vegan Dog Food Healthy?

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The question is, “Is Vegan Dog Food Healthy?” The health benefits of dogs being vegan are many. There are vegan dog food brands available in the market that offer appropriate types and amounts of plant-based diets, such as Natural Balance’s vegetarian formula based vegan canned dog food made from brown rice, potatoes, and oat groats to help you provide your dog with what he needs.

Vegan Dog Food Brands

Halo Vegan Natural Wet Dog Food, Garden of Vegan Recipe Cans

Halo Vegan Natural Wet Dog Food, Garden of Vegan Recipe Cans        

Halo Vegan Dry Dog Food, Garden of Vegan Recipe

Halo Vegan Dry Dog Food, Garden of Vegan Recipe  

V-Dog Vegan Kibble Dry Dog Food


V-Dog Vegan Kibble Dry Dog Food     

 Benevo Dry Dog Food Organic Complete Adult

   Benevo Dry Dog Food Organic Complete Adult

Dr. Harvey's Veg-to-Bowl Dog Food

Dr. Harvey’s Veg-to-Bowl Dog Food                 

Vegan Dogs are Active, Healthy, and Live a Long Life Because of What They Eat

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The Halo Vegan Dry Dog Food is likely to improve the energy level of your dog when it switches to a vegetarian diet. If your dog is allergic to animal proteins, V-Dog’s plant-based diets are found naturally allergy-friendly. Switching your dog to vegan can help him get rid of allergic issues. For example, dry and itchy skin, constipation, rashes, vomiting, etc. Halo brand offers dry and canned Vegan Garden Medley food both packed with plant protein from nutrient-rich chickpeas and green peas.

This natural anti-inflammatory is gentle on digestion. It can help your dog switch to a vegan diet and get relief from arthritis and joint pain that he might catch from animal-based food. Benevo makes dry and canned food for dogs. As essential fatty acids are necessary to keep your dog’s coat and skin healthy, you can switch to vegan omega fatty acids. The V-Dog Kind Kibble meets the health standards for your dog and contains a 100% plant-based diet. Your dog’s mobility will improve as his digestion will be better than before. Your dog will have stronger muscles and more endurance while accompanying you in a long walk. If your dog is a bit over-weight, get Dr. Harvey’s Veg-to-Bowl Dog Food and add oil and protein to it to make it a balanced diet. After making the switch, your vegan dog will be more active, stay lean, and live longer.

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Further About A Vegan Diet For Dogs

Shaped by domestication, dogs are omnivores and can eat both plant and animal foods. In theory, they should be able to thrive on a vegan diet. Your dog will thrive for all the reasons you thrive by eating more plants than meat. Plant protein is a clean protein. It is not plagued by all of the contamination-risks and diseases that are associated with animal protein. However, the only issue that you may see with your dog being switched to vegetarian food is that your dog was previously used to eating diets containing meat. Overcoming this issue is easy if you simply try mixing increased amounts of carefully designed vegetarian food in comparatively fewer amounts of meat in your dog’s diet. Please make the change slowly.



Dogs with food allergies are often sensitive to specific animal proteins. By discarding processed animal food from their diet, it can help them live longer, happier, and healthier lives. Before deciding to change your dog’s diet, speak with a licensed veterinary to make sure it is right for your pooch.

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