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Yo! Recently started lifging weights and deadlifts are fucking up my hands a bit. The skin gets pushed together and hardens, just where the fingers start and also some on the actual fingers. Thought at least foe that particular lift, I’d glove up instead of chalking. Some friend said gloves will not allow me to grow grip strength but I’m not too concerned about that tbh. I can grip it alright but I do get sweaty and that’s usually what’s causing me to not be able to do more reps.

Anyway, was thinking of buying some but so many are leather. I have had some random brand before (just textiles) but they ripped pretty easily (I wasn’t even lifting back then just doing HIITs at home…).

Anyone know a good brand that’s hopefully also ethically sourced? Just trying to do my part in this jungle of shit products and animal misery.

I don’t mind the gloves being any colour or any “sports” (could be cycling, no worries) as lonh as they’re vegan, ethical and durable enough as to not have to buy a new pair withing weeks.

Thanks for any help.

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