Vegan fitness but make it gaining? Protein shake recipes and advice needed! : veganfitness

Hi! Sorry if this title is weird, I’m kind of in a weird position regarding fitness and veganism. Obviously, you guys are the people to ask.

I’ve been vegan for the majority of my life at this point, I’m a female in her mid 20s, 5 feet tall. I am currently needing to gain weight vs lose it whilst also incorporating exercise and yoga. I am also in recovery (going on a year!) from an eating disorder, and have stomach diseases/allergies that still restrict what I can and can’t eat- which is why this is so hard.

Currently, I incorporate protein shakes with every meal, as it’s hard enough to meet 3000 calories a day. I use a plant-based formula and oat milk, on top of adding fruits and veggies in. My issue is how dull these shakes get.

What are your favourite shake recipes? What can I incorporate in that will add flavor, color, and maybe more cals or nutrients?

The only thing I can not have is: nuts save for coconut and almonds Obviously anything non-vegan

TIA ❤️

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