Vegan for Beginners: The Ultimate Guide to a Healthy Vegan Lifestyle

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Explore the necessary steps you can take to begin your vegan quest.You, like many individuals could be contemplating if the vegan diet is best suited for you. After eating meat for many years, it’s understandable to ask simple questions such as “How will I get my protein? and “Do you only eat salads?” But the reality is where do I begin?In Vegan for Beginners, you’ll discover what foods you can eat categorized by each necessary nutrient supply and easy-to-make recipes that your taste buds will love. Learn what types of restaurants are vegan-friendly and how to make adjustments when faced with carnivore menus. Curious about what foods to buy for your pantry and refrigerator? Inside the Shopping List section, you’ll see how easy it will be to find everything you need for a stocked kitchen while shopping at your favorite supermarket. The key to the vegan transition is understanding its purpose and how beneficial it is to your health, the animals and our environment. Vegan for Beginners explains why we’re in the era of drastic changes to our diets. Take a look inside!

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