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I’m female, 153cm and on my last check I was 38.8kg. I know, BMI wise that’s really low. I used to be pretty steady at 40kg until starting my current job. I work as a cleaner at a hotel at the top of a big hill, so I walk 40 minutes a day with 3-5 hours of cleaning. I occasionally do a morning yoga, and that’s it, but I attribute my current job to my weight loss. I have been vegetarian for 5 years, but otherwise I don’t count calories. I do want to be more plant-based and I already don’t drink dairy or dairy yoghurt. I eat home cooked meals, my partner cooks not me, but I’m a sucker for junk food… Mainly chocolate and cake. Mug cakes are far too quick and easy to make ?

I don’t know much about fitness/sport, and honestly most of the advice always seem to be about making weight loss. I absolutely cannot afford to loose any more weight. I do however, have room for muscle gain, particularly in my arms.

But.. how?

I don’t want to do more working out because I don’t want to risk loosing more weight. But I don’t know how to gain weight in a healthy way, and I know that weight training is going to be how I get stronger. On the internet, everything seems to be contradictory. I think it would be nice to have a book to read that could help me create a work out/meal plan, but which book is good? How do I put extra calories into my meals? Help? ??

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