Vegan grime artists create music from plant vibrations for Subway

The song is part of the campaign Plant-Based Beats and aims to appeal to Subway’s majority Gen-Z audience.

Young people are the most likely to adapt their eating habits to be more plant-focused and are more open to trying vegan alternatives. Therefore, it makes sense that Subway has chosen to target this age group with the new campaign.

The campaign comes shortly after Subway launched two new vegan menu items: the TLC (Tastes Like Chicken) and a Vegan Double Choc Cookie.

The TLC was Subway’s third sub/salad option in its plant-based range alongside the Plant Patty and Meatless Meatball Marinara, providing even more choice for vegan and flexitarian customers.

‘Champion plant-based lifestyles’

Angie Gosal, marketing director of Subway UK & Ireland, commented on the campaign:

“As more people champion plant-based lifestyles, we’re excited to be involved in the release of the first-ever grime track made from plant sounds.

“With our ever-expanding vegan range, Earth Day felt like the perfect opportunity to celebrate Subway now having one of the biggest and tastiest plant-based menus on the high street, to offer you even more choice.”

It seems that Subway is really committed to providing vegan alternatives, and we can’t wait to see what’s next from the chain!

Vegang is available on TikTok now and will stream on Spotify in May.
You can watch the short documentary about the plant-based music process and why its stars went vegan here.

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