Vegan MyProtein Pea Protein Isolate

So I purchased, for the first time, a 2.5kg Pea Protein Isolate (Unflavoured) from My Protein. Not a fan of having artificial sweeteners which is in all the other flavoured vegan protein powders.

Previously Ive bought the Soy Protein Isolate from MP and never had this experience…

So the scoop was hiding half way in so instead of digging around I used another measuring spoon, material made from some sort of plastic. I scoop up some Pea Protein and as I pulled it out, powder was stuck on the outside of the cup (spoon was dry) with an almost magnetic effect similar to when collecting iron fillings with a magnet (attached a pic of what that looks like to paint a picture). I didnt have my phone close by to record it and didnt really think anything of it until an hour later.

Also the powder was JUMPING/FLYING off the spoon, like they were filled with microscopic explosives. Never seen anything like that before, like wtf is in this stuff?!?!

QUESTION NUMBER 1: IS IT SAFE?! Have I got a dodgy batch?!

Found another thread posted a year ago about metals in pea protein but with only a few articles linked

and another one from 5 years ago

2) Why would the pea protein powder be jumping everywhere?!

3) Has this happened to anyone else?

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