Vegan Ultra-Runner Breaking a World Record in Central Park : veganfitness

Vegan ultra-runner Robbie Balenger (the same one who ran across America) recently broke a world record of the longest distance covered during the Central Park’s opening hours between 6:05 am and 12:55 am the next morning.

The previous record was 11 loops for 67.1 miles in 14 hours and 5 minutes. Robbie completed his 100-mile, 16-loop run in 18:07:44, completely smashing the previous record. Check out the video from the event below. Robbie talks about his background, being plant-based, and preparing for the world record. And of course, the video documents the final event.

Imagine not only running for 18 hours straight but running 16 loops of the same trail… Crazy physical AND mental fitness here. And he doesn’t even look that tired afterward.

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