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Hello everyone,

First to start, I am not full vegan. I am (for now) embracing vegetarian diet before I can completely separate myself from few things, but not eating meat is the major thing here.

But I wanted to ask regarding workout and progress when you completely disable meat from your meal schedule.

I have been hitting gym for 6 months. Started in February with personal trainer with 3 sometimes 2 times a week. Been off whole April due to some personal stuff but, let’s say half year workout 2 times a week (take it or leave).

My trainer is, logically, omnivore and he mentioned that my workout is not going as it should (as he trained lot of people before me).

Either it’s slower muscle gain (I am eating 1.6-2g of protein for kg of body weight during workout days) or quick “burn out” during trainings under higher “pressure”, where I need to stop or I get really dizzy and close to fainting. Also, I had issues with muscle soreness for more than 2-3 days, so I decided to insert BCAA (vegan) after my workout (as advised on jar) alongside hyperbolic drinks before workout. I drank some drink (I think ionic not hyperbolic) during workout every time which they had in the gym (it had B12 so big + for me). I read some book about vegan/vegetarian diet during workout, but majority of it I already do, except some special oils.

So, TLDR, is there difference in workout for omnivores and vegans? Is there slower progression because we decided that we care for more than ourselves? Thank you everyone.

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