Can Vegans Dine Out?

Vegans Dine Out

More people today than ever before understand that veganism requires one to be proactive in what they eat. Many people believe that vegans do not have options when it comes to dining out. There is no convincing them otherwise for some vegans but being vegan does not mean you cannot eat out. On occasions, the average person enjoys dining out with family, friends, and even for a special occasion. Vegans dine out too to have the same fun as others.

One does not have to limit themselves to great food because they are vegan. The best food is healthy food, and healthy food is vegan food, and the options are endless. I would know that because I am “The Veganologist,” there are no shortages of options in my vegan kitchen or good food on my table.

Now is the time to think outside of the box, do your research, and know what is right for you. The best way to do that is to locate the restaurants that cater to vegans or those willing to accommodate vegans before you plan on going out to dine. You will know what to expect and should not be surprised by the menu and the only one at the dinner table that is not eating. Do not be that person, be smarter than that, and do not be defeated.

Are There Vegan Options on The Menu?

Vegan Options on The Menu

Like consumers, the food industry is becoming more conscientious of vegans, but they do not fully understand what veganism is about. Often when one hears the word vegan, it is mistaken for vegetarians.

Many restaurants will offer various options on the menu, tailored to your specific needs. Never be afraid to inform your server that you are vegan and only eat a plant-based diet because some are more than willing to make suggestions or allow you to add and or substitute items on the menu to make it just right for you.
If you are one of those vegans who have determined that you do not want to dine in a restaurant that serves animal products, you can locate a 100% vegan restaurant. Knowing where to find plant-based food ahead of time will prevent you from making poor choices when you are hungry.

Do Vegans Eat Fast Food?

Vegans Eat Fast Food

It may be challenging for vegans if you decide to eat at a fast-food chain, but it is not impossible. Fast-food restaurants are usually much harder to be deemed as vegan friendly. But, know that you can find something on the menu that a vegan can eat at many of them if you had to get something on the go.

5 Ways Vegans Can Eat Just About Anywhere

Can Vegans Dine Out?

Can Vegans Dine Out?

If you are vegan and decide to dine out at a non-traditional vegan restaurant or fast-food chain, here are five tips that can help assure that you will be able to eat just about anywhere.

  • Bring your meal with you if you are dining with others who are not vegan.
  •  Bring your condiments in an insulated container.
  • Call ahead of time to find out if the restaurant would accommodate vegans.
  • Substitute animal products such as meat & dairy for vegetables, beans, or potatoes.
  • Look at the menu online before going out to the restaurant.

5 Places Vegans Can Eat While on The Go

Can Vegans Dine Out?

1. Carl’s Jr.

Carl's Jr.

Carl’s Jr. serves a plant-based patty added on a sesame seed bun topped with lettuce, onions, pickles, and tomatoes. If you are vegan and you find yourself in the drive-thru lane at Carl’s Jr., according to, the only bun that vegans can eat is the sesame seed bun.

2. Chick-fil-A


By request, Chick-fil-A will prepare for you a flaxseed flour wrap that contains a mixture of green & red lettuce, shredded cabbage, and black peppercorn substituted for the chicken. If you would like to add sauce to your wrap, there are three options for vegans:

  • Barbeque
  • Polynesian (my favorite)
  • Sweet & Spicy Sriracha

3. Del Taco

Del Taco

Del Taco offers a “Beyond Avocado Taco,” loaded with lettuce, plant-based meat, tomatoes, and topped with fresh avocados. You can have it on a corn or flour tortilla. The taco does not contain any dairy or animal products. On the website at, the company certifies that the “Beyond Avocado Taco” is 100% plant-based, vegan friendly, and identified by the green leaf that represents veganism.

4. Denny’s


Denny’s have a “Veggie Skillet” that comes with vegetables such as bell pepper, broccoli, mushrooms, onions, spinach, tomatoes, along with red-skinned potatoes. They will personalize it just for you by substituting the eggs for avocados, and by request, they can include squash and zucchini.

5. Taco Bell

Taco Bell

Taco Bell has a bean burrito; you can have it with lettuce, onions, tomatoes, and, any of the three sauces because they all are vegan; that makes it 100% plant-based, but anyone can enjoy it. Visit for further information regarding their nutritional chart.

Are Restaurants Aware of Vegans?

Are Restaurants Aware of Vegans?

Restaurants do not advertise that they offer items on the menu for vegans or substitutions, so one would never know if they do not ask. Because vegetarians and vegans are commonly grouped, vegans should make sure that they understand their diet. If not, you will likely end up eating food that contains animal products. Bread, salad dressing, and cheese are common foods overlooked when dining out. Many are under the impression, such as servers, because there is no meat on the plate, make it plant-based; that is not accurate.

By now, more people should know that vegetarians, just as vegans, do not eat meat. But the difference is that vegetarians will eat a slice of cheese, have a scrambled egg, and drink a glass of milk; vegans do not eat any animal products or anything that comes from an animal. Try explaining that at a fast-food drive-thru lane, which is why you must be a wise consumer. No one can take away something that you learn, so learn all you can about your vegan way of eating and living; it is the life you choose. As you have discovered, there are several alternatives that you can decide on when dining out. Because I have been a vegan for years, I have learned through my trials and errors on how to eat out and still be vegan. I do not leave it up to someone else to decide for me.

How Do Vegans Plan for Dining Out?

Vegans Plan for Dining Out

If you cannot locate a vegan restaurant, planning where to go will alleviate the stress of not knowing where to find a plant-based meal. By doing so, this may improve your dining experiences even further. Waiting around for a restaurant to open that caters to vegans might not happen (I know I have been there before). It can leave you settling for a restaurant that does offer a limited number of vegan-friendly options on the menu. When you get the opportunity to eat at a 100% vegan restaurant, be sure that you show appreciation for such places that accommodate vegans. There is no need to worry about asking what is in the food; everything comes from plants, now that is good eating.
The best dining experience can be the one that you prepare at home. But for some, they are not always able to do that. If you are in a situation that does not permit you to eat at home, perhaps you are out of town or gone for the day, you do not have to starve yourself, take advantage of the available options, and make them work.

Dining Out for Vegans During Covid-19

Dining Out for Vegans During Covid-19

Covid-19 struck in early 2020; it turned everyone’s life upside-down. Our usual way of living changed in a flash. We were instructed to do things differently than we have ever done before. One of those significant differences was how we went out and dined. We dealt with restaurants closing their doors; some quickly implemented curbside service for the few remained open. Fast-food chains were limited to drive-thru only, causing long lines everywhere you went. Typically, you would have eaten at your favorite restaurant. Now you were being handed a bag that contained your meal, along with the condiments tossed inside.

At that point, you found yourself sitting in your car, in a parking lot, spreading ketchup on your burger, putting mustard on your hot dog, or adding salt to your fries with no problem. But when it comes to taking those extra steps as a vegan to make sure that you are the one in control of your diet, it does not seem very easy for some to do. Why wait to be told what to do when you know what is best for you. Do not give that power to another person. When it comes to “Can Vegans Dine Out?” I believe that they can if you stay prepared by calling ahead to where you want to dine. You can bring your food when you are dining with others at a non-vegan restaurant or already have options that you researched so that you know where to find something to eat if in a hurry or away from home.

In conclusion, as a vegan, you have to do your homework, understand your diet, and do not expect the server at the restaurant to know about veganism.

Feel free to let me know about your dine out as a veganMake sure to check out>> Cheap and Easy Ways That Vegans Eat

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