Very active 28F but I don’t track my diet; how much of a difference would it make? : veganfitness

Here’s the scoop:

I’m a landscaper, dancer and hit the gym for a full workout 5x a week like clockwork. I eat whatever I want, all vegan of course, which usually is a mix of home made dishes with a good mix of grains/potatoes, legumes and veggies, lots of fruit (when it’s in season I eat way too much fruit because it’s delicious ???) and I make green juices cause I don’t love greens. I also eat plenty of french fries, dumplings, chips and vegan breakfast sandwiches lol

I’m 5’7″ and weigh about 155. I’m pretty muscular already but I kinda wanna get bigger, and more definition would be nice. I’m fairly lean as is so I feel like the issue is the bigness haha Would changing my diet/tracking actually help all that much or would just adding more protein or something help?

I don’t supplement with anything as of yet if that matters. I sometimes use protein powder (i.e. once every couple of weeks ?) but I did order done vegan creatine to try.

Thanks everyone!

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