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I’m only not feeling hungry with relatively high protein (110-120g) and high fiber. If I look at the calorie/protein breakdown of food, most whole foods do terrible due to being filled up with carbs. Lentils, chickpeas, beans perform terribly compared to something like chicken breast. This is important when trying to lose weight, and the advice to “just move more”, although helpful, is unrealistic. So I’m trying to fit in that amount of protein on a 1800-2000 calorie diet, trying to lose weight (and eating the exact same meals every day to have even less friction).
(I also thought that maybe this whole issue comes from trying to think about food like “normal people”, i.e. having “meals” that are “named something”, instead of just having a bowl of this or that to hit macros with something that adds flavor to it. Not very appealing, but maybe I just haven’t left humanity behind yet.)

I looked into the textured vegetable proteins available to me, they do very well, but the option I could live with has over 10 grams of sugar / 100 grams, and I cannot figure out why. I asked the nutritional breakdown from the seller (since it originally wasn’t on the package, I’m living in a bit of a food desert). Furthermore, the ones I found were all textured soy protein (I tried the same amount of pea protein once and remained hungry), and whenever I mention it even among vegans, I get a couple of people spreading the idea that “it is not good to eat soy every day / stay away from soy / eat very little”, which does affect me, even though I’m somewhat familiar with the studies. Why risk something controversial, whoever is right?

There’s Seitan too, but it’s a pain to make and often times requires extra flour. There are protein powders too, but I’m already having 2 portions a day, and I prefer to not depend on it (maybe I should change this?).

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