What are some good Vegan Chocolate Snacks? : veganfitness

So one of the good things about going Vegan in my experience is that I cut out a variety of chocolate snacks and treats from my diet. Most of them had dairy, so those are gone. Swiss Rolls, Milk Chocolate Bars, M&Ms, etc. I overdid it before my transition.

However, I still love chocolate. Thank goodness Oreos are vegan, but that’s like my crack. I could destroy a package in a day. I’m a junkie with them. And no, im not getting the small box of em. If I’m gonna OD on Oreos, babe im going all in with that Family Size baby.

So are there any much smaller perhaps more bite size chocolate snacks and treats that are vegan friendly anyone could suggest? Something a bit on the healthier side. Or maybe just for a full on cheat meal. Whatever…..I NEED MY FIX!! ???

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