What Gets You Motivated To Be/Get Healthy? : veganfitness

What are some of your favorite motivational health videos (documentaries, YouTube videos, testimonies, etc.) that get you excited to workout and become a health nut??

Or do you have any other thoughts that helped you become 1000% committed to achieving your health goals?

When I first went vegan I had a crazy amount of time on my hands so I could eat super healthy and exercise whenever I wanted. I felt the best I ever did, eating almost completely WFPB, avoiding most processed foods.

But then life hit me. I got sucked into the vegan junk food trap and I now live in the country without a good gym near by. I purchased some nice resistance bands but I just don’t feel the motivation I desire/feel I need to get committed to my goals…

My main desire to get healthy is to have a sharper mind, look better, and prevent disease/deterioration as I get older (I’m 24 at the moment). I know how I should be eating but I need that extra push.

Thanks for your advice in advance!!

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