What kind of vegan are you? : veganfitness

  • the suburban. eats anything if it’s vegan. pizza, candy, soup, impossible burgers.

  • the crash dieter. eats a super unhealthy diet with only a few vital food groups.

  • the plant based. has 4 stomachs and only hobby is chewing whole grains.

  • the urban. uses voodoo to eat 5000 calories daily without getting fat. don’t ask about his supps.

  • the rural. is that weird vegan that actually eats vegetables and sweet potatoes.

  • the stereotype. eats salad, tofu, and 30 bananas daily. lives in Canada.

  • the hemoglobin. one vein is for EPO, the other is for sugar. has considered implanting a 3rd lung.

  • the former. is now living their best life at 5’2 300 lbs. cardio is walking to toilet 10x daily.

  • the indian. diet consists of rice, mangos, and potato curry. probably has really good hair.

  • the east asian. probably a competitive ultramarathon runner.

  • the russian. never eats meat because it’s contaminated with lethal amounts of metal and oil.

  • the athlete. has never eaten a low glycemic food in his life.

  • the stranded on island. final boss of veganism.

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