World’s first vegan Babybel launches in the UK for Veganuary

Veganuary is here, and so is the world’s first vegan Babybel!

Following huge demand, Babybel Plant-Based is now available nationwide in the UK.

The nostalgic signature red wax cheese has had a green makeover and promises to deliver the same smooth and creamy taste.

Furthermore, you can find Babybel Plant-Based in Sainsbury’s nationwide for just £1.50 (launch offer, RRP £2).

Babybel Plant-Based

In 2020, there were reports that Bel Group were to launch a vegan version of its signature red wax cheese in US supermarkets.

Despite its initial plans, the vegan Babybel is only available in the UK at this moment.

Babybel’s vegan cheese is created using coconut oil and other Vegan Society approved ingredients.

In addition, the cheese snacks are free from artificial colours and preservatives and it’s a great source of calcium of Vitamin B12!

The brand’s famous wax shell has been replaced with recyclable green wax to celebrate the revamp.

Moreover, the mini green vegan cheeses will be available in packs of 5 in a recyclable snack bag.

Bel Group dairy-free cheeses

Babybel’s parent company, Bel Group, is on a mission to introduce more plant-based versions of its dairy cheeses.

Just last month the French dairy giant launched Boursin Plant-Based to UK supermarkets.

While we thought the flavours didn’t quite match the original, we welcome Bel Group’s efforts to veganise its classic brands.

Bel Group hopes its vegan cheese alternatives will help people explore plant-based products without sacrificing taste and flavour.

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